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Crystabelles and The Eve Appeal

Each year, in the UK, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with a form of gyneacological cancer. This equates to 58 women receiving this life changing news every day. Sadly, 21 women will die from a gynaecological cancer every day.

Could you are all 5 gyneacological cancers?

Would you know the symptoms?

Unfortunately there isn't much awareness about them.

This needs to change!

Just over 2 years ago we got the news that rocked our family. My grandmother had womb cancer. Luckily it was caught early and she has made a recovery. It was a tough journey though!!! Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy - and she was AMAZING!! As was my grandad who was by her side, fully supportive, throughout. She has just got her '2 years clear' and we are delighted. 

In order for more women to get the positive outcome we have had we need to get awareness out there - and research funded!

20% of each candle sold will be donated to The Eve Appeal to help fund this research and raise awareness.

Pop over to their website -

Check out their facebook page -

Make yourself aware of the signs and symptoms and share these with your loved ones.

Krista xx