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Crystals and common problems/ailments

Crystals can help with SO much!!! 

I have compiled this list of some of the most common things people ask about. 

Headaches - Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli. For stress headaches Citrine is also good. Place on the forehead for maximum benefits. 

Sleep issues due to stress/worry - Rose quartz, Amethyst. 

Sleep issues due to nightmares - Smokey quartz, tourmaline. Place at the foot of the bed for maximum protection. 

Lethargic/Lack of energy - Red carnelian. 

Lack of motivation - Tigers eye, Jasper. 

Lack of focus/motivation - Clear quartz. 

Helping memory - CItrine, Amber.

Mental clarity - Amethyst.

Cancer  - Smokey quartz (particularly helpful during chemotherapy and radiotherapy), Amethyst (master healer)

Helping communication. Helping you to express yourself or say something your struggling with - Sodalite. 

Mental/nervous stress - Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate. Rose quartz and blue lace agate are brilliant for cleansing and detoxing emotions. Hormone balancing to reduce stress - Amethyst

Back pain - Clear quartz, bloodstone (great for physical healing), Carnelian (boosts vitality, great for helping lower back problems)

General health - Clear quartz, amber amethyst and green calcite. 

Mindfulness - Smokey quartz (grounding and relieves tension), Fluorite (mental clarity, focus and concentration), Hematite (grounding, protecting, calming)

Grief/Bereavement - Smokey quartz (releases negative energy, relieves depression, restores energy), Angelite (helps expression of grief), Jet (Conquers negative thought patterns), Rose quartz (comforting and loving energy)

Nerves - Amethyst (reduces anxiety, increases self control), Garnet (belief in personal power), Kunzite (eases emotions, releases blocks created by trauma)

Abundance - Citrine (self esteem, positive energy), Green aventurine (keeps optimism flowing), Carnelian (stone of action, boosts confidence and motivation)

Digestion - Citrine (cleansing and energising), Chrysocolla (detoxifier - treats digestive tract), Moonstone (aids absorption of nutrients, provides relief from fluid retention)

Bullying support - Obsidian (protects agaist negative attention, clears negative energy), Smokey quartz (protection), Rose quartz (self love, soothes and nurtures)