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Crystals and Feng Shui

Crystals can be a lovely addition to use with Feng Shui within your home. 

When working out the Bagua areas of your home, you need to be stood at the front door looking into your home. From here you can map out your home.

  • Rose Quartz. This is a crystal for attracting love and romance. It can also help to heal a broken heart. Place it in the far right corner for promoting a happy energy in a relationship. You can also place it in the mid left of your home for promoting family and self love. When placed in the bedroom it will also help romantic love and affection. 
  • Hematite. Great for grounding and centring energy. Its great to have anywhere in your home for protecting. Also great when placed by your front door - either inside or outside. Place in the mid left part of your home to protect children and also encourage creativity. 
  • Citrine. This is a brilliant crystal for absorbing negative energy. It doesn't need cleansing either which makes it a fantastic addition to have in your home. Citrine is also great for attracting wealth. Place it in your money corner - far left. When you place fiery crystals with the citrine it will intensify and strengthen it's energy - red carnelian, tigers eye. 
  • Clear Quartz. Great for clearing, protecting and strengthening your energy field. Place it in any area that needs fresh, clear energy. Avoid placing this next to your bed as its energy it energising. 
  • Amethyst. Draws you in and purifies energy. Great for any area you use for meditation. Also brilliant to put in the spiritual and growth area of your home - far left. 
  • Tigers Eye. The master protector - its a strong, quick and efficient crystal. Great for protecting and nourishing you at the same time. Its brilliant in any area to ground and protect your energy. Particularly great in the money and abundance are (far left) and health and family area (mid left)