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Crystals to use at work

Amethyst. This is a crystal thats linked to the third eye chakra. It has stress reducing properties and also helps with logical thought. It will also bring harmony to a work place. 

Blue lace agate. This crystal will open the throat chakra. It will help you speak your mind and articulate your ideas. 

Citrine. This is a powerful manifesting stone. Its really useful for setting positive intentions at work.

Red carnelian. Brilliant for revitalising energy. It will also fill the solar plexus chakra with creativity and drive. 

Tigers eye. This stone keeps things flowing and focussed. It helps to organise a scattered brain and allows us to make confident decisions. It works with the solar plexus to boost self esteem and confidence. 

As well as using your crystals in your work place, ensure the space you work in is clear and uncluttered. This will help keep the energy around you (and your mind) clear.