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Black pomegranate and obsidian

Black pomegranate and obsidian

Top notes - plum, Pomegranate and rose.
Mid notes - patchouli, cedar wood, violet leaf and spices.
Base notes - Musk, Amber and vanilla.

Black Obsidian is seen as providing an instant connection to the Root Chakra, it is a deeply grounding and protecting stone
If it is held during meditation it can unblock hidden feelings of grief allowing the healing process to start.
It is often used in healing, it is recognised as good at releasing energy blockages from the physical and energy bodies, it works quickly to bring problems to the surface to be resolved, bringing clarity with it.
Black Obsidian will help to clean and remove negative energies from any environment. It assists in releasing the emotions that cause negative energy. When these energies are released this stone will help to keep the space protected.