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Full moon set


Image of Full moon set
  • Image of Full moon set

A gorgeous crystal set to help you harness the power of the full moon!!!

Palo Santo 
When it’s burned, the smoke is believed to provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energy. Its got a calming and relaxing aroma that’s got minty and citrus notes.

Selenite is a lunar crystal that deeply cleanses stuck energy and raises your vibration. 

Moonstone is the stone of the Moon. It brings emotional balance and supports new beginnings. Helps you to embrace any challenges that may arise as your energy shifts. 

Rainbow Moonstone. 
High vibration Rainbow Moonstone helps develop your intuition and anchors lunar energy. 

Clear Quartz 
This crystal brings clarity, focus and amplifies the intentions and vibrations of the other crystals. 

Raises energy and helps you to take action towards your goals.
Helps raise your confidence. Attracts success. 

3 cards - one explaining the crystals and their properties. A full moon ritual and one to explain about cleansing your home/crystals with palo santo.