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Himalayan salt lamp


Image of Himalayan salt lamp

We now have some gorgeous salt lamps in stock 😍

Anyone that’s been to my house knows I’m a HUGE lover of salt lamps and their benefits.

πŸ’— Improves sleep
πŸ’— Balance Electromagnetic Radiation.
πŸ’— Cleanse, Deodorise, and Purify Air.
πŸ’— Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma.
πŸ’— Alleviate coughing
πŸ’— Boost Blood Flow.
πŸ’— Raise Energy Levels.
πŸ’— Sharpen Concentration and Performance.
πŸ’— Enhance Mood.

1.5-2kg - Β£20
3-4kg - Β£30