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Lime and citrine


Image of Lime and citrine
  • Image of Lime and citrine

Top notes - Zesty lime and lemongrass
Base notes - Creamy vanilla

Lime is a refreshing and uplifting. Its cleansing and purifying. Its also great at balancing emotions.

Fill your life with positive energy!
Citrine is a crystal for happiness and abundance.
It awakens creativity and imagination and is great for helping create fresh beginnings and new pursuits. it will give you inspiration and increase your energy and drive.
Citrine is brilliant to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit. It's also great for self healing.

Great to help you overcome your fears. Also to have with you if you suffer from depression. It helps you look forward with hope and positivity.

When you have finished the candle, carry this crystal in your purse to attract money and stop excessive outflow.