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Pink champagne, pomelo and Emerald


Image of Pink champagne, pomelo and Emerald

Top notes - Sparkling champagne
Mid notes - Sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange and pink pomelo
Base notes - tart rhubarb and fresh, juicy watermelon.

Emerald will promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.
It is an excellent stone for reviving passion, whether for an interest, a person, or a job.

Emerald will increase the energy levels in your body and enhance the energy flow between the lower and upper chakras.

Emerald promotes good self-esteem, especially in restoring the confidence of young girls or teens that have been teased about their weight, or any young person made to feel inferior due to the inability to afford the latest designer goods. It will show you how you can stay happy and fulfilled just by being yourself!

While Emerald has a calming effect on the emotions, it has an invigorating effect on thought, reflection, and philosophy. It is a marvellous crystal for activating artistic creativity, and for bringing focus and intensity to one’s lifework.

Emerald is a remarkable support stone for the workplace. It increases mental acuity, strengthens memory and inspires eloquence in speech.

Emerald brings a soothing mental and emotional equilibrium, making it extremely beneficial in stimulating cooperation and understanding within a group of people. It is also helpful in relieving claustrophobia.

Birth stone for May.