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Soy wax melts


Image of Soy wax melts

A resealable bag containing 8 individual wax melt hearts.

Use with an appropriate wax melt burner.

🖤 Vanilla and rose quartz
🖤 Coconut and blue lace agate
🖤 Lime and citrine
🖤 Orange and red carnelian
🖤 Lavender and amethyst
🖤 Peony blush and hematite
🖤 Fig, Cassis and tigers eye
🖤 Fresh linen and pink banded Botswana agate
🖤 Raspberry and Rhodonite
🖤 Peppermint, strawberry and smokey quartz
🖤 Spicy vanilla and clear quartz
🖤 Jasmine, Frankincense and Green Aventurine
🖤 Black pomegranate and obsidian
🖤 pink champagne, pomelo and emerald
🖤 Hay and honey
🖤 Leather and OUD
🖤 Molten Amber
🖤 Vanille Tabac
🖤 Orange blossom and mandarin
🖤 Cedarwood and Juniper
🖤 Seasalt and Amber
🖤 Black raspberry and peppercorn
🖤 Bergamot and Jasmine

(Scents are listed as candle scents names to avoid confusion - wax melts do not include crystals but these can be bought separately)

Wax melt selection box - one of each of our core scents

New scents - black/white. Limited edition box of the new candle scents and the black range. 10 in total