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Rose Quartz facial mist

Rose quartz and vanilla candle will fill your world with love. Once you have finished with it, why not create a facial mist with your crystal 💗

You will need:

🖤 Rose quartz stones

🖤 4 oz. rose quartz infused beauty water (instructions below)

🖤 24 drops argan oil (or any other base oil of your choice eg. Jojoba or Almond oil)

🖤 12 drops your favorite essential oil (rose, grapefruit or lavender work well)

🖤 1 glass mister bottle


To create your crystal infused beauty water, place your rose quartz stones in a glass bowl and cover with filtered water.

Put your bowl in direct sunlight. This will absorb the sun’s energy from sunrise to sunset.

💗 Pour the crystal infused beauty water into a spray bottle. You can remove the stones if you’d like (but i like to keep mine in my bottle).

💗 Add your argan oil and essential oil.

💗 Shake well and spritz, spritz, spritz!

This rose quartz facial spritz is a modern day love potion for your skin. It will soak in and then emit a strong love vibration.